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DJ Patrick

Over 7 decades of experience in music, I know what the people want, I play all genres and my first love of being a DJ is the music, my Emcee skills from working clubs from east coast to the west coast for the past 30 years has broadened my skills as a DJ. From the 50s to Disco to Funk, RB, Rap, to Rock n Roll I have it all. I have several services that can make your day become less stressful and taken care of for you. I’m upfront, and care about the family aspect of a wedding. I have all of the games and known dance songs that would be considered the “Norm” for weddings. Taking control of the wedding with constant contact with wedding planners and photographers, makes sure everything runs smoothly. And complete attention to detail. From Dj to a photobooth to valet service, I have several options for the ideal wedding.

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